Amateur anime fan art

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You'll never know until you try. Well first, you'll need a pencil and a piece of paper: I am open to criticism and suggestions for my art. For the clouds, you want to erase areas of the blue in cloud-like shapes for best results. In other words, a second priority; almost like its a side effect of your desire to create. You never stop growing in art. In simpler words, you're drawing perfectly, but it looks nothing like what it should be until you finish it.

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You have to practice to make perfect.

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Muslims and Anime Art

Im so interested with muslim animator. I got a shading lessons and I'm still working on a how to darw blogs. If you have a bit of money to spare, I suggest you get a set of sketch pencils and a sketchbook. Because, let's look at this way, you're trying to express your emotions and the drawing is simply the physical manifestation of it. Why I say YouTube tutorials rather than copying? For the sky, I used the same watercolor wet and made a circular motion around Hawk and Ban. How each person goes about drawing is completely different and unique to each individual.

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amateur anime fan art
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amateur anime fan art
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