Girls doing pe class in there barefeet

I don't have an opinion. Follow 8 Can I buy these for my child? I would seriously ask why the children arent allowed to wear shoes, It makes no sense to me what so ever My daughter is 11 and she's started going to a new school this year.

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Reinwood Junior School

Are you picking talented youth? Long trousers may be worn by Y6 boys. Many people think that Converse trainers, which are also tied on with laces, are good for the feet, but they are not. How do I teach them? Our uniform for indoor PE was a light blue polo shirt with dark blue gym knickers. The oddest part of it all is that the boys can wear shoes but the girls cannot. Then, the heroes behind the work, that are our feet, can get the credit they deserve by being shown to the world in all their sculpted beauty.

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  1. Yah, i've been thinking the same thing, i hate all his scenes. i think he should be in the background.