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If you get an eyelash or grain of sand stuck in your eye, it is annoying as fuck, but people use contact lenses all day with no big issues. And the point I'm making is that one of the factors that contributes to so many of those shootings in Chicago and inner cities throughout America are kids who grew up without fathers. Fox 11 News did a story of two kids from a Compton gang, and ten years later they did an update of their story. Even more so, they aren't culturally reprimanded for striving for those achievements and they also don't commonly face life-threatening aggression in their neighborhoods that encourage them to prioritize survival over study. Crook's job was to secure large quantities of drugs and drive them from California to Oklahoma City. Some were Hispanic and one was an African American. Videos Only Self explanatory.

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Furthermore, several are far too outdated to apply to a claim, and you did you present tense, so I assume that what you meant.

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Chuckie, Midget, and the Compton Tortilla Flats Gang

Even for those who do plan to make it out of their circumstances experience immense pressure to join gangs for their own protection. Look at people in war torn countries that still make it and go to school and make a life. Use a title that is descriptive of the actual video without editorializing, telling how the video made you feel, or your past experiences. No Solicitation of Votes or Views No asking for votes or sharing submission links on or off-site. People in prison are clever as fuck.

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midget woodie chuckie tortilla flats
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midget woodie chuckie tortilla flats
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