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The 'Alternative' comics field has been chugging along now for many years in one form or another, but for the purposes of this discussion we'll assume that it really kicked into first gear with the Underground comics movement during the mid-sixties. Unapologetically proud of her plus-size figure and vocal about her love of sweets"Etta's appearance was a stark contrast to the svelte, wasp-waisted women depicted in most comic books, and Etta was a brave and heroic leader who was always in the thick of the fight beside her friend Wonder Woman. Within mainstream continuity, several characters have claimed the mantle of "Supergirl" due to DC Comics' "Multiverse" system of alternative realities, continuity reboots, and stories involving time travel, a number of variant iterations of the character exist in various alternative universes. Green Lantern is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Secondly, women who weren't endowed with special powers of abilities were uniformly spiteful, nosey, treacherous, vain and dippy

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These prices are established by the comics dealers, responding in their typically generous and totally non-cynical way to the demands of their largely adolescent audience.

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Alternate versions of Invisible Woman

Member feedback about Fantastic Force: Not only that, she is a star reporter whose byline is known and respected throughout Metropolis, if not the free world in its entirety. Artist Bryan Hitch provided the art for issues one through five, and Brandon Peterson for issues six through nine. Anybodyat all familiar with comics over the last fifteen, twenty years or so will have noticed that up until recently there have been practically no women working in comics as artists or writers. After all, comics tend to be aimed predominantly at a young audience, an audience that may very well be going through an impressionable stage of their lives and desperately trying to make sense of the world in which they find themselves. Maybe more guilty in some respects. Using technology from the mainstream Marvel universe, Psycho Man remains microscopic in size but is able to function by controlling a suit of advanced human-sized armor.

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