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Some cultures use remoras to catch turtles. In a notable account by Pliny the Elderthe remora is blamed for the defeat of Mark Antony at the Battle of Actium and, indirectly, for the death of Caligula. Environmental Physiology of Animals. In the mid- Atlanticspawning usually takes place in June and July; in the Mediterraneanit occurs in August and September. Retrieved 20 March

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A cord or rope is fastened to the remora's tail, and when a turtle is sighted, the fish is released from the boat; it usually heads directly for the turtle and fastens itself to the turtle's shell, and then both remora and turtle are hauled in.

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It’s Raining Fish

She is now pursuing a career investigating science and environmental topics from yet another perspective. Alternatively, at lower speeds the remora will use a form of active ventilation, [8] in which the fish actively moves fluid through its gills. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Gudger's accounts are more authoritative, but this source is noted as an early account that Gudger appears to have missed. In order to use active ventilation, a fish must actively use energy to move the fluid; however, determining this energy cost is normally complicated due to the movement of the fish when using either method. Nurse shark with remoras attending. For the genus, see Remora genus.

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