Bikini workout plan

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Get on all fours, then tuck toes under and take a few steps back as you lift hips to form an inverted V. Take on this advanced program and achieve a shapely butt and legs, strong but slender arms and a lean waistline that accentuates your hourglass figure. Minutes Jog at a brisk pace. Hold a light medicine ball in front of your chest if you're on a treadmill place it in cup holder or on floor after interval or clasp hands together, centered just below chest, if you're outside. Comments Add a comment. Standing Biceps Cable Curl. Upper back, shoulders, and legs Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, elbows bent by sides, so that weights are directly in front of chest, palms facing forward.

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As you improve, cut your work-to-rest ratio to 1:

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Calorie Calculator

According to research, HIIT is far more effective for fat loss and fitness than steady state cardio [1]. Your cardio program is the same as Week 3, but muster up any extra energy you may have to really bring it home! If you're on a treadmill, increase the incline to 2 or 3 percent and keep it there until it's time to cool down. Skip to main content. Aim for two to three shaper sessions per week on nonconsecutive days. WIN a prize a day!

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bikini workout plan
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bikini workout plan
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