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I do not speak for a whole nation, but time and time again I have been told by Russiasphere people that the Ukraine crisis and before that, other issues like the missile defense systems in Europe, also satirized in this episode is nothing more than a few giants wrestling for personal glory. Nothing to do with human rights violations or peace and prosperity. This opportunity was not lost on House of Cards writers. Watching the US President ignore gay rights protesters in the face of a diplomatic mission is funny for the same reason. People think Obama has it in for them and governments are just gonna do what they want, I imagine, because:.

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What struck me, though, is that the portrayal of diplomacy — specifically, behind closed doors machinations manipulated exclusively by political ambition and personal feelings with no interest in public good — is how Russia sees international politics.

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What they want is a Putin and a Lavrov. As a result of this attitude toward politics as fully personal ambition, the people seek a strong leader, someone who will not be pushed around, who will say and do anything to get his way and not embarrass his countrymen. This sounds utterly absurd to me, that Obama sits in the oval office brainstorming a list of ways to crush the Russian spirit because Putin made him look small in Syria. It is an absurd thought that any White House might invite Pussy Riot, the biggest and most famous dissident of Russia right now, to dinner with Putin. He is willing to start a war over personal vendettas.

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