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Thanks to Snyder's study, it now makes perfect sense why Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time, admits he lets loose in the pool. And so, in one of the final home games of his career, during a TV timeout with the defense on the field, the three-time Pro Bowl blocker figured he had nothing to lose -- he would proudly march off the field toward a small bathroom used mostly by field staff, where for once he could pee in peace. It's a gift they don't always use responsibly. Brandi Chastain, a member of the iconic U. In fact, the most basic of bodily functions is such a potent force that it causes even the most disciplined, trained bodies in the world to do some wonderfully weird and occasionally revolting things. Over the years, Gross had tried every technique NFL players and other hyper-hydrated athletes use to surreptitiously relieve themselves during games. World-class cyclists still speak in awe of the balletic way former Tour de France racer Dave Zabriskie was able to straighten his right leg, stand tall in the saddle and urinate off the side of his bike while whizzing through the French countryside at 30 mph.

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A pound football player needs ounces of water daily to maintain normal hydration.

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When athletes gotta go ... where do they go?

That single disparity can often leave female athletes at a significant disadvantage. Male athletes can just create their own bathroom. On the matter of urination, the rules read like a junior high student handbook, allowing competitors to "leave the court for a reasonable time for a toilet break," while falling just short of asking Roger Federer to put the seat down when finished. He'll need another ounces to replace the gallon or so of body weight he'll sweat out in the trenches. Because of cultural and anatomical obstacles, female athletes are forced to plan better and hold longer than their male counterparts.

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