The night i lost my virginity

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I could still hear my boyfriend protesting and trying to make the officers see reason. I let him, albeit not so willingly. So, I stopped going to see him in his room. Sometimes, he would gracefully accept it and other times, he would try to pressure me into going further. Should I put towels down? Or only when you breathe. There was no way a first class student at the top of her class was going down in the school records for loitering, especially with a daddy like mine waiting for me at home.

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So many of us out there, the ones who wanted to be the good girls that waited till marriage, but the first choice was taken away.

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14 things I wish I’d known before losing my virginity

Glad to have held you to the end of the very long story. I was worried about missing my exam, because there would be no bigger humiliation for a first class student than having to do an extra year because she missed a compulsory exam, never mind that the reason was that she had been out messing about with a boy. Definitely not in a good way…. And maybe the memory would fade as I got older. So I had used the central locking system when I had gotten into the car at the hostel. We planned to meet at 1. Just trying to get my head around Stat

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the night i lost my virginity
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the night i lost my virginity
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3 thoughts on “The night i lost my virginity

  1. No problem. Its pretty simple but it's not common knowledge. Hopefully that continues to change. Cheers